Board of Directors


President: Summer Rodman

Vice President: Paul Ramos

Treasurer: Dr. Bruce Gordy

Secretary: Janna Benge


Voting Directors

Selection Committee Chair: Michael S. Robinson

Kerouac Project Historian: Bob Kealing

Director: Paul Ramos

Director: Karen Price

Director: Naomi Butterfield

Director: Geoff Benge


The Board would also like to recognize the work of the following individuals that donate time and expertise to help make the Kerouac Project great.

Artistic Advisor: Frank Messina

Frank is our NYC ambassador, fundraiser, and passionate supporter of all things Beat. Read more about Frank at

Editor at Large: Geoff Benge

Geoff provides editorial assistance and technical advice for Shady Lane Press projects such as MAD ONES ( and the reprint of “Kerouac In Florida.”

Web Support:  Steven McCall

Steven manages the and websites.  Thank you Steven!