Mike Rands

michaelrands Michael Rands was born in Johannesburg, South Africa. He received his MA from the University of Cape Town. His manuscript, a novel, Praise Routine Number Four was published in South Africa. He worked in the television industry before moving to Japan where he taught in a high school for three years. He recently completed his second creative manuscript, A Single Story. He has also co-written an economic satire, The Yamaguchi Manuscripts, and a non-fiction work, Kamikaze Economics: The Story of Modern Japan, both available through Amazon. He did a residency at I-Park in Connecticut in late 2012. During his time at the Kerouac Project he plans to complete a draft of a new novel with the working title As Dark As It Gets. The story is set predominantly in Japan

An Excerpt from As Dark As It Gets

Wednesday, December 5th, 2012

I’ve done many things in my life, but I’ve never stolen an umbrella. They say there’re only two things we Japanese steal… bicycles being the other. The doctor told me I’d be able to ride one in two weeks, but I didn’t want to get tied up in that racket. When I woke that morning to find myself alive, I climbed from bed without thinking and set off an alarm. The nurse found me leaning against the window. The shipyard had never looked so beautiful. She told me to climb into bed, but I refused. ‘Where’s the doctor?’ I said, and in came a totally different man. ‘Where’s my doctor?’

‘I am your doctor’ he said, and pointed at the bed like he was instructing a dog into its basket.

‘You’re the reason I’m alive?’

‘You were never in danger of dying’ he said, and took a clipboard from the end of my bed.

The ascending artery was being held open by a …